Pregnancy: First Trimester Must Haves

This blog is my opinion only. Always consult with your doctor before trying new products during pregnancy. This blog may also contain affiliate links that Spoiled Milk receives commission from.

The first trimester of pregnancy is tough. You’re sick, bloated, uncomfortable and worst of all, not too many people can help you if they don’t know. Here’s my list of must haves for surviving the first trimester.

Water Bottle Staying hydrated is key during pregnancy! Keeping a water bottle on you through out the day or next to you in bed makes it a lot easier to make sure you’re keeping up with drinking enough. This is just the one that I have but any water bottle will do. I like my bubba water bottle because it’s a decent price point and keeps my water cold all day.

Ginger Chews Ginger helps so much with pregnancy nausea. I always have these in my purse.

Peppermint Tea Another Great helper for the nausea. Trust me. You could also do peppermint candies but I prefer the ginger chews.

Vital Protein Moon Milk This delicious sleepy drink will put you to sleep with a warm belly. Its packed with minerals, vitamins and collagen. We all could use a little more of that during pregnany and post partum! I personally have the PINK Moon Milk Latte (sold out), I’ve never tried the blueberry but it sounds good!

Mama Mio Tummy Rub Butter Again, there’s so many different brands of products you can use for preventing stretch marks including ones as low as $7 like Palmer’s. This is just the one that I used with my pregnancy with Pano and I’m using it again. Do stretch mark oils/lotions/butters even work? I don’t know but I’m going to try it anyway! And I really didn’t get stretch marks with my first pregnancy.

Comfy Undies This sounds weird but let’s be honest. Who wants to wear their stringy, lacy, sexy undies when your body is changing and growing? Give me all the cozy everything! Ladies, I have been on a two year hunt for the most comfortable panties on the market and I found them. Pregnant or not, a must have if you want a good no show, comfy pair of undies. You can’t beat the price, they aren’t ugly and they have so many different styles. I get the 10 pair for $35. You’re gunna thank me when you invest in these heaven sent panties! Bye Victoria Secret! *If you’re between sizes, size down. They run a little big!

Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies– You will be bloated, maybe have some bathroom issues. Tummy issues in general. Maybe some skin issues. It’s just a lot of issues, lol. These are so good for helping a sister out. Use code SPOILEDMILKCLUB to save some money!

Preggie Pop Drops– Since I had Pano, they’ve made another formula…the PLUS. Yes!!! These are always next to my bed for morning sickness! Keep some in your car and purse too!

Applications- Download all the preggo apps! I like Ovia, What to expect, Baby Center, The Bump and Nurture the best. Yes, I use all of them. I love keeping track of the growth of baby and the apps are so spot on to whats going on with your body week to week. They’ve got bulletins, articles and so much knowledge on pregnancy stages. Even though it’s my second time around, I love keeping up with the week to week changes with my body and baby. Highly recommend the Books, What to Expect as well.

Pedialyte Freezer Pops I always have these in my freezer anyway if my toddler is sick but when I’m feeling queezy or dehydrated…these are the jam!

Prenatal Vitamins These are the ones that I used last time and I’m usig them again. They don’t bother my stomach and I take them at night before I go to bed. Whatever kind you get, I’d pick one with DHA.

Some other things to consider…

Everyones bodies are different, some people may not show at all, others right away. Maybe you’ll need to get some maternity clothes right away, new bras, etc. Don’t make yourself uncomfortable, if that’s what you need to do-do it, sister.

Pregnancy journals are cool too. I just use a small notebook/planner for information I need to remember, paper work that needs to be taken care of, questions for my doctor at my next visit. I like to keep my doctor summaries so I know my BP, weight, etc.

You may want to switch the products that you use. Remember everything we put on/in our bodies, goes right to our baby. I switch to natural products that are baby safe. Cut the caffeine down, recap the do’s and dont’s of what to eat, etc. Some of it may seem extreme but in my mind, I tell myself I’d rather do everything to the extreme to know that I did everything I could to keep my baby safe while housing him/her inside my body. That also means getting enough rest, eating enough, staying hydrated and keeping stress levels down.

Congratulations on your pregnancy mamas and I hope this helps you during your first trimester as much as it’s helped me! Did I forget anything?!

Find joy in all of your journey,

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