Father Like Mine…

It’s said that a Dad is their daughters first love and sons first hero. I’d have to agree with that but I can only write from the perspective of the daughters side. In honor of Fathers Day, I wanted to tell you a little bit about one of the most heart warming relationships in a girl’s life.

Not only was my dad my first love, he’s the purest love. A bond that could never be put into words because it’s far too special to be spoken.

You see, I’m a believer that God chooses our Earth parents so strategically. For me, He watched over my parents in their life without me and gave them exactly who they needed and who I would need back.

My dad tells me that I came into his life and helped save him from a life of self distruction. In a time of needing God, healing and unconditional love. And that’s what I gave him.

I obviously don’t remember my very early years but I know that what ever our foundation was, how ever the bond was created, it lasted our entire life time and will beyond.

My dad was the girl dad that had no issue doing my hair and topping it in a bow. He’d put on a whole theatrical act about magical powers being in his hands and rub away my belly aches whenever it would hurt. He’d opened the blankets up welcomingly when I’d run to my parents bed too often because I was scared of my dark room.

When I got a bit older, he was the dad that would run to the grocery store for “girly things” if I needed him to. The one who would always make me feel beautiful even when I was in awkward growing stages. He was my happy escape from teenage bullies and growing pains. We’d take a drive to the outdoor mall just across the Wisconsin border and we’d walk, talk and shop. Or we’d go by the ice cream place and check out out the flavor of the day. Sometimes, we would stay home and he’d watch my favorite shows with me or teach me all the good music; something we still have in common today.

He’d discipline me when my grades weren’t good and he made me work even though he had the financial comfort to allow me to just enjoy teen years. He told me the truth about everything so that I knew that in the real world every life decision always comes with repercussions or with great rewards depending on which decision you make.

Most importantly, he taught me about my faith, sharing Bible stories from a really young age and telling me all about our Savior. He taught me about family values, self respect, loving unconditionally and giving. Giving whenever you can, whatever you can, and when you do; giving from your whole heart.

The first time I went to over night camp as a child my dad told me something I’ll never forget.

“Even when we’re apart, if you look up at the moon and stars from where ever you’re missing me from, I will be missing you and looking up too at the same moon and stars so we really weren’t that far apart and we’re still together”.

Still to this day, there’s no topic of conversation that’s off limits. There’s never too many calls (at least that he tells me). Never a visit too long, even if his head is nodding off and eyes closing as I continue to talk. He’s my sound board at any time of the day and he will always tell me his honest opinion when discussing something, even if the answer isn’t in my favor.

As an adult daughter, I am most thankful to have such a kind, comfortable and loving relationship with my dad because, in my opinion, it’s the huge factor for a happy adult life. It’s the reason the bar was set to high when choosing a husband. I knew how a real man would respect, take care of and love the woman in his life. I knew that the man I was going to marry would have to be an exceptional father one day.

I knew my own husband would have to be a man that would be his son’s first hero and his daughters first love. That he would set the bar so high for his daughters adult life one day, too. And that’s what I did. I married that man. Because that’s what I expected; it’s what I knew.

I share this with you because, dads, you might not know how important it is when you’re doing your little daughters hair and topping with a bow, but for her, she won’t forget it. Rub her belly when it aches, she will still believe that only your hands are healing and that will be the remedy to take away a tummy ache.

Open the blankets when she runs in your room because forever, her dads arms will be the safest place she has to run to. Go get the girly things, it took a lot for her to tell you she needed them. Don’t make it weird.

Be her escape from the drama of high school even if it may seem small to you. We know with age that those bullies or growing pains wont matter but for her, her world is crashing down. Get in the car and drive, get some ice cream, step into her world however you can.

Make her work and let her understand the value of money and having her own even if you’re financially set to take care of her. Take her education seriously and make sure that she does too.

Don’t sugar coat life for her, it’s already going to be a tough reality, may as well prepare her for it and share your wisdom with her. Your honesty and trust in her will pop into her head when she’s choosing which decisions to make. And hopefully, choose the right one for herself and for the respect of you.

Most of all, teach her about God, family values, self respect and giving. And whatever else is core life lessons you can share with her.

Remember, you’re really leading by example so even if there’s something you aren’t intentionally teaching her, she’s always watching and she’s going to follow in your foot steps.

Dads, your role in your children’s lives are beyond important and special. You’re so loved and appreciated and I am wishing all of the spoiled daddies a day as special as all of you.

And to my own dad, you’re the hero of every single story I have. You’re the MVP of my life; you always have been and you always will be. Thank you for being the best friend I could ever have. I love you.

Find joy in all of your journey,

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