About Spoiled Milk

Who I am & why I’m here.

A question we ask ourselves often in life.
“My name is Leanne & I’m a millennial”
That’s the truth but my soul screams old school.

If you’re like me and you’re trying to find a place of balance between being a future forward parent and instilling a traditional upbringing for your children, you’re in the right place.

I’m a 31 year old, suburban mom.

Omg, I can’t believe that’s the sentence I just wrote when describing myself.  I am so much more than that. Why did I just introduce myself as THAT?

Well, I know that’s not my complete identity but… that’s the evolving me who’s navigating through this new journey of motherhood.

When making the decision to start “another mom blog”, I asked myself, really? Another mom blog? What is going to be so special about what you have to say? So I tried talking myself out of it but the desire to connect wasn’t going away (so here I am!).

You see, I do have a lot to say. I want to share my mommy stories and thoughts with you. And I want you to share them with me.

This isn’t just another “mom blog”… this is a judge free, safe place for parents who are trying to figure it all out. Pour yourself a cocktail and read on.

I am not a MOM blog. I’m a family blogger. I am a huge supporter of fathers… some of the most amazing parents I know are fathers. I am an Aunt/Uncle/God Parent blogger, because beside every great parent is an awesome family member who loves their niece/nephew/God child. I am a grandparents blog because let’s be honest, there are some special grandparents who are key players in the kids lives (my child is one of those lucky ones). It take a village so Come one, come all!

I am your researcher. I want to find great products for us to make the lives of our children better and let’s be honest, our own too.

I am your friend, you are safe here. There’s nothing you can say that will make me think you’re failing at parenting. And if you had a bad day, tomorrow is a new day.

In this safe place, My mission is for you to feel empowered & inspired. We will laugh, cry, and dig a little deeper in our thoughts.

Please keep in mind that this is a journey and what I have to say may not work for everyone but just want to share my experiences with you. I am not a professional of any sort with children but consider myself an influencer.

Every parent has a different way of doing things so please keep all comments open minded and kind. It’s ok to disagree but this a zero tolerance site for parental shaming.

Thank you for being here and cheers to the beginning of something beautiful.

Find joy in all of your journey,
Spoiled Milk

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