We’re Having Another Baby!

You guys I’m so excited to be sharing that we’re expecting another angel to our family this summer (insert all the screams, happy dances and cue the tears!).

It’s been such a hard secret to keep and I felt like I almost had to go off the grid to avoid spilling the beans. Oh, and because I was so sick this time around!

This whole blog is a quick recap of the past three months and I’m posting my 1st trimester survival must haves right after so if you’re expecting or know someone who is, look out for that one.

The day I found out I was pregnant 11/19

I found out I was pregnant right before Thanksgiving. I had a feeling something was a little different with my body. The day I found out, on a Sunday, I was at brunch with my whole family and I felt so sick. I ordered so much food but then when it came, I couldn’t eat. I kept feeling waves of nausea and I was throwing up all morning. I got home and threw up in our kitchen trash can (TMI?). Couldn’t even make it to the bathroom. Could it be?!? Pete had to be at work in 20 minutes but he ran to Walgreens for tests for me. We had spent the last 12-18 months trying to get pregnant and invested in a lot of negative pregnancy tests. I’m pretty sure he thought this was just another one of those days. He came home and I took them (yes, multiple). I knew with all of my heart that it was going to be positive. One day, he told me that I always thought I was pregnant. Really, I always HOPED I was pregnant. I’d read into every little sleepy day, smell sensitivity or nausea. This time, I actually knew it. I even told my whole family at brunch that morning that I knew I was pregnant.

Wanna know whats longer than microwave minutes AND treadmill minutes? PREGNANCY TEST MINUTES!

It was my first time getting a positive result with Pete being home with me which was very special. We both cried our eyes out and our hearts were full of excitement and happiness. Total bummer he had to run out and leave to work!

I wish I could be one of those cute people who had the patience to make a cute surprise to tell our immediate families but I’m soooo close with mine that I had to FaceTime them ASAP! Such a special day!

I don’t know the gender yet but for whatever reason, as soon as I saw a positive test, I said, “my butterfly baby” and saw a daughter in my future. I wonder if this will be right!

I had a handful of blog jobs lined up for holiday including covering all things thanksgiving. I ended up canceling everything because from the day I found out I was pregnant, I was soooo down and out. I was not as sick with my pregnancy with Pano. With Pano, if I had sickness, it was in the morning and was over once I loaded up on carbs. My go-to was chocolate chip bagels with cream cheese from Einstein Bagels. I think the whole staff knew Pete from going in to get me bagels, lol. This pregnancy has been waves of nausea all day long and having really bad waves of it a few times through out the day. But the holy grail has been McDonald’s sausage egg McMuffins for the sickness, ha!

And you guys, how tired I’ve been is not normal! First trimester pregnancy is NO JOKE. If you’re on your first pregnancy, GIRL…get allllll the sleep. Once you have other littles in the house, you don’t have the luxury of resting when you want or need to.  I could fall asleep anywhere at any time if I could.

I have all my postive tests from Panos pregnancy and this one. Weird?

We hosted thanksgiving at our house with about 20 people, surived the flu and took care of Pete and Pano during their turn at the flu. I somehow got through working the holiday season in the restaurant business, shopped, wrapped, baked, etc., we did Christmas for a very busy two days. I worked New Year’s Eve in a night life setting (drinking sparkling grape juice, lol). Sadly, over the holidays, my grandfather passed away too. It was a lot crammed into the first couple months of knowing about my baby’s existence but I made it through-hangin’ by a thread. 

I share all of this because this is motherhood in a nutshell; we get all the things done some how even when we don’t think we can.

Truthfully, if I didn’t already have my house decorated for Christmas when I found out I was pregnant I probably wouldn’t have done it.

I’ve had piles of laundry that need to be put away and unfinished tasks around the house needing attention for longer than I’d like to admit. I’m normally so on top of everything but this pregnancy is my #1 priority so everything can wait. This is what it’s all about right now. I feel like I’m slowly regaining some energy and drive to get things done lately. Thank God!

Besides feeling sick and tired, I have felt pretty good otherwise; atleast emotionally. Mental wellness during your pregnany is just as important and I’m grateful to feel really good in that department, over all. I’m always more needy and lovey-dovey to my husband when I’m pregnant which, I don’t think he likes. I think he likes it when in normal, every day life, I’m independent and don’t need his love and attention 24/7, lol. I also don’t ever ask for help in our every day life, pregnant I ask for help because like I said, all I care about is making sure this baby is healthy. Therefore, I need a hand here and there. Pete will survive; deep breathes…6 more months to go.

Christmas Eve 2019

Finally, body changes…

I give mad props to the mamas who are wearing an elastic hair band around their button of their jeans-especially the ones who do this 9 months pregnant. When I get pregnant, I gain weight fast and I gain weight everywhere!

I’m a little over 3 months pregnant and I’m close to not being able to wear my jeans at all! Ugh, ladies…the body changes feel uncomfortable. For me, the first trimester is the most uncomfortable because no one knows you’re pregnant and you feel like you’re so bloated and feel “different” and it’s hard lookng in the mirror some days. I felt so runned down…I hate to use this word but I felt UGLY a lot of days. There’s no other word to explain it. I just felt like no matter how much I tried putting myself together, I looked puffy, tired, and I just said, screw it..and moved on.

Babies are a BLESSING. They’re a gift from God. It’s an experience like no other and so special. So, the take away from all of this is; you will be tired and may be sick. You will be slackin’, maybe endulge in too many sweets, maybe a little moody. But, you are growing a baby. You are basically a super hero without a cape, you are a mom. You are strong and beautiful.

When you’re missing your wine, sushi or favorite jeans, remember it’s all for the love of your baby.

I’m looking foward to sharing more of our pregnancy with you guys and hope you’ll share your experience with me too! As always, thanks for all the love and I’m SOOO excited for all that 2020 has to bring…especially for my baby to be in my arms!

A Big Sparkling Grape Juice CHEERS, ladies!

Find joy in all of your journey

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