The truth about “Terrible” TWO’s.

“You’re not too two, little love. You’re not terrible. You’re my TWO year old who’s got a fire inside you to run faster than I was prepared for.

You’re full of adventure, energy and you’re busy exploring. I absolutely love that you want to get into everything and be everywhere. I’m right here incase you need a break and mommy to carry you.

You’re strong willed, gaining independence and confident. I’m so proud of how you will try to fill up your own cup of water or attempt to eat all by yourself even if it means a mess will be made. And when you tell me, “No mama, I do…”, I’m right here incase you need a hand to help you, after all.

You’re emotional, frustrated and growing at rapid speed. I know when you’re cranky it’s only because you want to do all of the things and when you can’t or you’re not allowed to, it makes you upset. I understand that you feel like a big boy and want to show off your new tricks. I’m right here incase you melt down and need a hug.

You may throw things, hit or scream when I can’t give you all of my attention, when I can’t understand what are trying to say or when I put you in time out. I get it, baby. You may be repremanded but it’s only because I love you. And guess what? I’m right here. I’m always right here; loving you the most even when you’re not being so nice.

While you’re growing, you’ve made me grow too; again and again. Right when I thought I had everything about you figured out, you switched it all up and I’m figuring you out again.”

Photo: Tiffany Chiappetta Photography

Hey, First time parents who’s babe hasn’t hit two yet, I want to tell you something. Two is new challenges just like any. Like, when you went from no child to having someone need you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And when you got in the swing of things and all of a sudden, you’ve got a new crawler, walker, teething baby, etc. Every stage has new “tough stuff”.

For us, not going to lie, it was like, freaky-friday-changing. It turned mischeivious, feisty, opinionated with a side of sleep issues that lasted almost four months (this was hard for me because I always had a dream of a baby sleeper). We finally got passed that except still no naps anymore-for now, at least. BUT even with the mischeif, fiesty ‘tude and opinions, it’s so good. TWO is TOO good, TOO sweet, TOO emotional (in the best way possible). Cuddles don’t come in long lengths anymore but when they come, there’s so much more love. My son always wants to “kiss you”, “hug you”, “hold you”, be with me and I. cannot. get. enough.

My son tells me these made up stories with such conviction where I almost wonder if it happened. His imagination, the passion in his voice and expressions are just so adorable and it’s music to my ears listening to him ramble.

The mannerisms, the mimicking, the banter is just too entertaining to think two’s are terrible.

You guys, it’s SOOO good! I promise. If anyone tries to forewarn you about “Terrible two’s”, tell them Leanne from Spoiled Milk said it’s not true.

Photo: Tiffany Chiappetta Photography

Sometimes (a lot of times) people tend to put a stamp on things and make their experience so official like that’s what it’s going to be for everyone. But guess what? It’s not really the truth. It was their take on it, their outlook, maybe just their personality to complain about everything. I’ve mentioned these joy theives before.

Pre-baby, there were people who told me, “enjoy newly married life now because it will be terrible after kids“. Noted. Then I got pregnant and I’d hear, “Oh, sleep while you can, you’re NEVER going to sleep again”. Got it. 9 months later, I have my baby, “Enjoy it before he’s everywhereeeeeee“… so on and so on.

**Side note: we need to be more conscious of these comments because there’s women who WANT these “problems” and there’s parents praying desperately for their children to meet these milestones and sadly, don’t.**

Those same people will tell you, “No, three is the worst!”…then later, “ohh, I’d love to go back to three, five is terrible”…then “I miss them being toddlers, now they talk back”…blah, blah. Until the day they’re missing raising their children. And most likely, will complain about that too.

I’ve blogged about perception before. It’s so life changing to look at life the way kids do; like an exciting adventure. With wide eyes, open hearts and laughter.

ENJOY every bit of the good stuff, soak up all the precious moments and keep it close in your heart. As for the tough stuff, take it as an opportunity to grow from, to ask yourself how it’s changed you and just power through it so you can flex your muscles and say, I got through it. I tell myself all the time-No sleep, no problem. Nothin’ a little concealer and coffee can’t fix.

So, what I’m saying is, two is far from terrible. And Every age and stage has growing pains. I’ll leave you with something I just read the other day that said, “When you feel buried, rejoice because you are being planted. Water the seed”. Grow babies, grow! Grow parents, grow!

Find Joy In All Of Your Journey,

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