Pregnancy: Second Trimester Must Haves

The second trimester of pregnancy is what I like to call, “The Pregnancy Bliss”. For most people, the morning (aka all day) sickness has subsided, the extreme sleepiness and you’re starting to see the sun again. For me, like clock work, once I got into my second trimester, I felt so much better, a surge of energy came back and I felt more like my normal self.

One thing that doesn’t feel so much like yourself is your changing body. In the second trimester, it’s probably safe to say that you’re probably not fitting into your regular clothes and you’re feeling a little body discomfort. I put together a list of my must haves for the second trimester for all my pregnant friends! Hope that this helps!

Pregnancy Pillow- Sleeping starts getting a little harder these days. If it’s not your bladder or weird dreams, it’s learning to sleep on your sides. This pregnancy pillow supports your growing bump and changing body. It has great ratings, a little more affordable than most leading brands and it can be shipped prime to your door!

Hylands Leg Cramp– I don’t know about you but I get the worst leg cramps when I’m pregnant. It’s so nice having a hollistic option for the pain. There’s also a topical option if you’re more comfortable using that.

BioFreeze– Aww, the aches! My shoulder is always needing help. Probably because of that side sleeping. BioFreeze is a life saver! Have some on hand for all those aches and pains that pop up in different places, all the time.

Benedryl Allergy- This is one of the few medicines you can still take when you’re pregnant. Allergies and sinuses are so crazy when you’re pregnant. These are great to have on hand. Some peope even use them for those sleepless nights.

Pregnancy Journal– Don’t forget all those special moments! I didn’t journal with my first pregnacy so it was really hard for me to remember when I felt kicks, how much I had grown last time compared to this time, etc. Keep track of all these special moments, have a place to keep all your ultrasounds and feelings. Your baby will appreciate it one day when they’re all grown up and maybe have their own babies on the way.

Maternity Leggings– Your body has probably officially out grown your jeans. Eek. Some girls are so lucky and can just put a hair tie around the button of their jeans. If you’re like me and the weight gain is everywhere, you can’t even lift your jeans over your thighs! Bring on the maternity leggings, ladies! This is the one time in life that no one is judging, be comfortable.

Maternity Bra– What else is growing? Yep, you got the boobies you maybe always wished for. What do you think now? Whether it’s for comfort or outgrowing your bra, this particular maternity bra has over 2,000 great reviews and they’re affordable!

Lip Moisturizer– This is my holy grail! I’ve talked about Lanaige since before I was even pregnant. My only complaint about it before was the messy jar that your finger would get product all over it. Now they’ve made a squeeze container. This will help those chapped lips! PS) Take this with you for L&D.

Back & Belly Support– You may be getting uncomfortable soon with your growing bump or maybe have a job that you’re still standing on your feet all day. That probably means, back pain. In my first pregnancy I was working two jobs and one of them was as a hairstylist. Standing on my feet all day in one place really gave my back some pain. I used this with my first pregnancy and it really helped a lot! I’m glad I have it in my house if and when I need it this time around. For $13, it’s a for sure must have.

Prenatal Probiotic– Gut health…gut comfort…pink stork makes a gentle, awesome probiotic for all those pregnancy tummy issues! If you’re pregnant right now or have been pregnant, you already know what I’m talking about! Hallelujah!

Some other things that weren’t completely necessary but I liked having on hand are Ayr Nasal Gel, Sleepy time tea, panty liners and some sort of planner/organizer for appointments. I suggest making your doctors appointments in advanced if you have a busy office and keeping track of when you need to be there, questions you may want to ask your doctor, etc.

I hope you pregnant ladies are feeling great in your second trimester. If you’re not, remember this is for such a short time, a tiny step to unlocking the most beautiful part of your life. Thinking and praying for you all and your babies!

Find joy in all of your journey

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