Give Wood this Time: My unique wooden watch

It’s that time of year for graduation celebrations, weddings, showers and because it’s “wedding season” also means a lot of anniversaries! (Fun Fact: Did you guys know that there’s traditional gifts to give a spouse for a wedding anniversary? The fifth year of marriage anniversary gift is wood. Anyone celebrating their five year anniversary this year, you can thank me later.

I’ve had a lot of people asking me for a blog writing up a list of gifts for these occasions. Well, I didn’t need to write a list because I know ONE gift that’s a perfect fit for anyones milestone celebration or just because. Heck, I know the best present for yourself, you deserve it. 

SnapseedWatches in general are a great gift to give for someone special BUT you can’t just get any watch. I have found the watch of all watches. The best fashion piece to gift or if you’re like me…to buy for yourself. Whoops! 




I’m obsessing over my Jord wooden watch, it’s beautiful, universal fashion piece for every day and every season, unique and so many styles to choose from. Guess what else? They carry bands for Apple watches (I love you, Apple…but who even likes those bands anyway?).



I would get this gift for graduates, a best man or maid of honor gift, a bride or groom gift, birthdays, anniversary, or pretty much any other celebration. 

Not only did I find the holy grail of time pieces but it’s actually affordable too! As I started admiring these watches online, I was a little nervous when I clicked on their website thinking they’d all be high priced.  I was so pleasantly surprised to see that they had time pieces that started at conservative prices. That means I could even get more than one! 


JORD knows how much I love sharing the things I love with you all and put together a giveaway so you can snag one of these minimalist yet head turning fashion pieces. How awesome is that? 

  • Giveaway is live right now and closes on July 22nd at 11:59
  • Winner will be chosen randomly through JORD
  • EVERYONE is a winner because you will receive a 10% discount just for entering
  • It only takes a minute, just click on the link below to enter:

Click Here to enter JORD WATCH giveaway!

Good luck! 

The style I’m wearing in the photos shared in the blog is part of the Cassia Series and it’s the Olive & Aegean Blue.



Find joy in all of your journey


Wooden Wrist Watch

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