May product round up for baby (10 must haves)

Where did May even go? I swear everyone and their mother was just posting memes of Justin Timberlake that said, “it’s gunna be may” about five seconds ago…

and here we are in June!

I apologize for my lack of blogging last month but life was busier than usual for us. Pano was sick for the first time and that came a week before his baptism that I had been planning for months so not only did we want to nurse him back to good health (because naturally, that’s what we do) but we needed to do it quickly! So, although I love my blog and all of you, like any mom would do I had to press pause on everything for a minute and focus on my little love.

Since that came up, I will quickly tell you that I just read it’s pretty common for little ones to get colds right now because of the air conditioning starting to run in homes depending on where you live.

And I was over here wondering WHO got my dude sick, lol.

Anyway, we kept him as comfortable as possible with extra love and cuddles because he was not a happy camper. His temp was going up but never hit a fever so we kept him dressed lightly, lots of essential oils, Vicks vapor rub on his feet covered with socks (I know it’s not highly recommended for babies but we use Vicks for everything in this house), more bathes than usual, my favorite yogurt with probiotics, boogie wipes and dun dun dun…FRIDA nose sucker (I was so excited I finally got to use it, lol) it worked AWESOME! A long few days with him waking up throughout the night but he’s back to good health! Again-I’m not a doctor so sharing this with you but if your child is sick, check with your pediatrician how to go about it.


May Round Up…

which is geared to baby because…. I didn’t get anything cool for myself this month!

ok, so I didn’t really think I was into these “cages” until over night my baby turning into the quickest little crawler! I used to be able to take a shower and watch him play on the floor with no worries. Not anymore! Now, he wants to climb all over everything and then fall, cry…I’m running out of the shower soaking wet..blah blah. So, I caved and got one for that reason alone. Also, it’s light weight, easy to break down and take with me so it also travels outside when I am doing outside housework and need to turn away from him for a minute or two. It’s making my life a little easier right now.

These single packets of peanut banana nut butter are mess free, picky eater approved, protein filled, natural snacks or flavor additive for at home or on the go. There’s no artificial flavoring or sugar. I mix a packet of this into Pano’s cereal for extra protein. American Academy of Pediatrics (and my baby’s doc) recommend introducing PB sooner than later but check with your child’s pediatrician first. AND they give back to end malnutrition world wide. My baby LOVES this!

This is the cereal I get for my little one and he really likes it. Again, it comes in single packets which is nice for on the go. It’s gentle on baby tummies and it’s an alternative for rice. Tons of iron, no diary, soy, gluten or egg. Most babies would be able to tolerate this with whatever allergies or digestion problems. I love that there’s probiotics in the cereal, too!

This company is too cute! I got these cute, huge, super absorbent (100% leak proof) triple layered (aka durable) disposable changing pads and love them. It’s nice to have a couple in my diaper bag, in the car, at my mom’s house, I even have some up in my bedroom  (lazy or you do it too? lol early mornings can be rough). I love the colors and patterns. One pack comes with 25 pads so that lasts a long time! They also have other really cute educational products too! Check them out!

Imperfect Penelopy, oh how I love you! How is this product not in every major store that sells baby products yet? Why didn’t I know about these in my days of spit up? These ADORABLE burp clothes and bibs are so awesome. They are microfiber Terry cloth, so big, the cutest patterns I’ve seen on any bibs and burp clothes and stay in great condition! Love!

Umm, have you seen all the articles about the controversy with baby sunscreens? Worry no more, think baby is here.

My best friend got one of these for my baby in his Easter basket. It’s a “learning to drink” water sippy cup basically. As you can see there’s no straw, spout to suck on which also means, no turning upside down, shaking and spilling all over. Baby can put their mouth right up to the top of the cup and baby is drinking water!Lid locks right after your babe stopping sucking so it makes NO mess. It is dishwasher safe, easy to clean and dentist recommended.

You already know. Now we like to try walking, hit our head, cry…repeat. No more hitting his head on the hard coffee table or accent table. These bumpers may not be the cutest but they are super helpful in my world right now.

yuck, right? You know how I feel about baby toys, lol. BUT my baby is obsessed with this walker. He loves how it lights up, talks, it collapses so he can just sit and play with the front or he can use it to walk with. It’s got wheel locks, inexpensive and it’s the favored toy in my house. If it helps him learn to walk and feel comfortable, I’ll deal with the eye sore! If you don’t have one yet, go add this to your cart.


Make your own baby food? No more figuring out how to package large amounts of purees. These eco friendly pouches are totally easy to use, there’s different sizes and they don’t have toxic materials to make them. You don’t have to worry about pouches of food sitting on a shelf for longer than you have been alive. You made it, you packaged it. Dishwasher and freezer safe is a bonus too!


Remember my friends, I officially have an amazon shop with all my favorite things for baby, parents, home etc so make sure you take a peek! Linked below.

Spoiled Milk’s Amazon Store


And, Baby PHD is so sweet they are allowing me to give away a free box of their disposable pads so tomorrow I will have the giveaway info going on my instagram tomorrow! If you’re not following me on instagram, make sure you do.

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Do you have any product recommendations that you think I should give a try? I’d love to hear about the products you’re loving so feel free to message me at

Have a great week everybody! Happy June!

Find joy in all of your journey,




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