Happy Mother’s Day to…

Happy Mother’s Day to the mom who’s expecting her first baby soon, you are already a mother. You’re celebrated today. 

Happy Mother’s Day to the mom who’s kids are grown and out of their home. You are just as important today.

Happy Mother’s Day to the mom who’s tired, short tempered, and feels like they’re hanging by a thread. You’re are awesome, stop thinking you’re not. 

Happy Mother’s Day to the mom who gets up and goes to work every day even though they’d love to be home with their kids. You’re admired today.

Happy Mother’s Day to the mom who stays at home and feels like society says you’re not really doing anything that challenging. Your cape is noticed today.

Happy Mother’s Day to the mom who’s baby left their arms too soon and their heart is broken. You’re being prayed for today.

Happy Mother’s Day to the mom who’s a mom in their heart but you haven’t been blessed with your miracle yet. You’ve got a whole world wishing you your baby today.

Happy Mother’s Day to the mom who’s struggling with addiction and feels defeated. You’re strong and we’re rooting for you.

Happy Mother’s Day to the mom who’s facing postpartum anxiety or depression. You’re one day closer to being done with it. Hang in there. 

Happy Mother’s Day to the mom who’s up in Heaven watching over their kids. You’re felt on Earth still today.

Happy Mother’s Day to the single mom who’s doing everything she can to provide a beautiful life for their kids. You’re stronger than most. 

Happy Mother’s Day to the mom who’s mothering someone else’s child because you wanted them to have a family. You’re an angel and we applaud you.

Happy Mother’s day to the mom who should be celebrated today but instead their grieving the loss of their own mother. Our thoughts are with you. No one should have to live without their mom.  

Happy Mother’s Day to the mom who’s sick, tired, overwhelmed, over protective, OCD, introverted, extroverted, controlling, feels alone, unsure, insecure and everything in between. You’ve got this. One day at a time. 

Happy Mother’s Day to the mom who doesn’t have a complain in the world and living their best life. Go you. Don’t feel bad, we’re happy for you! 

There’s no two mothers the same. We have different thoughts, views, opinions, discipline techniques, schedules and lifestyles but we all have one thing in common; we were blessed with the biggest honor to be called MOM. 

Today is a day for you to be given appreciation by your family for the never ending love, support, protection, guidance and care taking you give so selflessly. 

Today is for the mamas who housed someone inside their body for 9 months (and really more). The mom who as soon as she found out she was having a baby, changed her habits and lifestyle for their baby’s health. The mama who painfully watched their body change, expand and flaw for someone else’s well being. The mama who anxiously went into labor and delivery and didn’t know how the heck they were going to come out alive. The mama who from the moment they heard the first cry out of their baby’s mouth, instantly fell in deep unconditional love. The mama who didn’t sleep for months longer than two hours at a time. The mama who put someone’s life (probably multiple lives) more prioritized than their own. The mama who cut back on extras for herself to give their little loves more. Who accepted that they would never sleep REAL GOOD sleep ever again.

The mama who made it through terrible two’s, even more terrible threes, awkward pre teen years all just to get a sassy teenage attitude or questionable teenage decisions. The one who after they survived all of that and they really started enjoying their kid again, had to pack them up and send them to college. The one who didn’t even know how they were going to pay for college but figured it out without their kid ever knowing how scared they were. The one who did all that and then their kid left them again and started their own family even though in your eyes, they were still yours. The mom who was challenged over and over again but still didn’t have one tiny ounce of anger because they are just happy that their child is happy. 

Give yourself a pat on the back today because you are the most SPECIAL person in your tiny humans lives and you are loved beyond belief. 

Spread your love to other moms even if you don’t mom the same. There’s no right way but they, just like you, are doing the very best they can. 

Being a mom can be tiring and emotional, but it is a true privilege. Our babies may always be babies in the eyes of a mother but time flies. If you ask any seasoned mom, they all say time is already fast but twice as fast when it comes to your children growing up. A blink of an eye. 

So read the extra story, cuddle a little tighter, take another picture, play hide and go seek again, listen to the really long story patiently, allow one more night in your bed, sit through one more soccer game, drive one more car pool, answer another phone call, take another family vacation, and “come here” again and again. 

There’s always a last for everything and we don’t know when the last story will be read together, the last cuddle session will be had, when you’ll wish you had the picture, when hide and seek is for babies, when instead of telling you the stories they’re telling the stories to someone else and saying “Don’t tell my mom”, when they refuse to sleep in your bed, when they don’t want to play soccer anymore, when they already have a ride, when you’re not their call anymore, when they want to go on vacation with “their own family”, and when they want you to go away instead of “come here”. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all my beautiful, wonderful, honorable mother’s out there. I’m truly inspired by so many of you and beyond happy to be a part of your tribe. Wishing you the best Sunday with your families. 

Find joy in all of your journey,



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