April Product Round Up

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Product round ups have seem to been something that you guys enjoy on my blog so I thought I’d share some retail goodies with you while it’s fresh in my mind.  Some of you have seen me talk about some of these in Instagram stories and others of you it’s all new…so let’s round up April retail.

First, my best news is about a little place called Amazon, have you heard of it?


Amazon so kindly gave me (us, rather) a shop so now we can have all of my favorite buys for baby, mama, home, or gifting all in one place!


So, I did start off my Spoiled Milk store with products that I love for babies and for mama. Most of them are things I’ve told you about before but I thought it would be beneficial to keep all of my favorite things in one place.

I will continue to update the store as I find items I love. If you want to be alerted when there’s new items in the store, make sure you’re on my mailing list that pops up on the blog.

As a blogger, it’s important that you use the links provided if you like what I share with you, otherwise, I’m probably not going to get to keep sharing stuff I love if there’s no traffic. Ya feel me?

Click the link below to shop away! Save it to your favorite places! Let’s shop together!

Spoiled Milk Shop on Amazon

Some new products that I haven’t told you about that I recently just tried out are in the shop but I’ll tell you a bit about them.

Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Facial Oil- ok, seriously… I can’t even get enough of my skin with this combo from Drunk Elephant. This facial oil is for anti aging and hydration and I could go on forever about how obsessed I am.

Drunk Elephant Baby Facial-This is no joke. I was not expecting the “burn” if you will…you know the one that officially killed off my dead skin cells right off my face and renewed my skin back to a sixteen year old with better texture and tone. This is not used for daily though. Which is fine bc y’all already know I love my It! cosmetics cleanser (which is in the Spoiled Milk store).

Kopari Face the Day & Night kit- ahhh, I haven’t been on a tropical vacation in a minute but this has me feeling like I am. The smell! SOO GOOD! The coconut rose spray and the lip balm are my favorite out of the set so if you don’t want a set, I will product link those separate but for the price, I’d get it all. The only reason I choose those over the others is because again, love my every day cleanser…and I have a moisturizer I love as well (also in the SM store). The Coconut Rose spray and the lip treatment are both one of a kind buys for me.

Qalo Rings- So random you’re probably thinking, right? Well, I have been wearing the Qalo sillicone rings instead of my wedding rings. WHY… ON … EARTH would you do that?!!? Well, I was sick of cutting up my baby’s fragile skin with a diamond. And this is perfect for mamas who’s rings maybe don’t fit them during pregnancy or post partum. Orrrrr… just for ladies who like rings and think they’re super cute. They also have mens ones so where’s all the hubby’s who say they can’t wear their ring because of the line of work they’re in? Or it’s uncomfortable? Gotcha boo! You won’t even notice this lightweight ring is on your finger!

Everything else in my shop I’m pretty sure are things I’ve talked about in other product round ups but if you missed it or maybe I missed something, feel free to message me.


Mellow Frenzy

I just got this awesome subscription box called Mellow Frenzy. In a nut shell, they send you a FULL outfit with accessories starting at $29.95 whhhhat?! I loved everything in my box. It wasn’t something I would have typically chosen for myself which made it even better because now I have something a little different than the styles I tend to get comfortable wearing. They have different priced boxes and options how often to receive them. They carry plus sizes as well. The quality, service, and price were awesome. Click the link below to get (or gift) a box, make sure to use the code LEANNE10 to receive your Spoiled Milk discount!

Mellow Frenzy Box



Give a little wow: Mother's Day is Sunday, May 13. Shop gifts at Nordstrom. FREE Shipping. FREE Returns. All the time.

Can we talk about the awesomeness of Nordstrom? Free Shipping, Free Returns, Always! You’re guaranteed to find the best of everything at Nords always but right now I’m loving the dresses under $100 and the shoe selection! These are two things we all need for the spring and summer months upon us. I’m thinking graduation/graduation parties, showers, wedding season. If you haven’t checked out Nordstrom’s website lately, do it!

Shop Spring's Hottest Shoes at NORDSTROM.

Well, that’s all I got for you for the April Round up or products and best buys right now. If you haven’t signed up for the pop up email subscription, don’t forget to do that to know first when products are listed in the Spoiled Milk Amazon store. I’m not sure yet if I’ll keep it public or continue to post blogs on Amazon finds with the store now so I don’t want you to miss out if you do enjoy seeing the goodies I pick out for us (I always think of you guys when I find these great buys!). Also, if you’re an instagram user, follow @spoiledmilkclub because I usually always show products right when I’m reviewing them there on my stories. And tomorrow I’m going to need some help with a poll for my next blog on the IG stories!

Let me know what you all think about the shop, what else you want to see on there, and if you have any questions. You know my inbox is always open to you (spoiledmilkclub@gmail.com).

As always, thanks for being here and I hope you have a happy May and happy shopping!

Find joy in all of your journey,



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