June Product Round Up

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Here it is, y’all! I love that you guys get excited for the monthly round ups because I love doing them!  June’s product round up is a big one because Amazon Prime is coming up (in 6 days but I’m not counting down or anything). It’s like Christmas for ourselves! I got your back and I’m here to show you all my favorite finds.

First, let me show you a couple of things that I’m loving that aren’t on Amazon.


Nurture Life: Looking for a weekly baby food delivery service? Look no further! Nurture life has fresh, mostly organic & healthy options for your baby. Starting from baby puree stages and then as old as…well, you! If you are a busy mama on the go but don’t want to feed your baby whats typically unhealthy because it’s fast or last minute. Check this out. Your first order is $30 off when using the unique code: MILKCLUB30


Jord Wooden Watches: I did a blog recently about these beautiful and unique wooden watches and I’m totally loving mine. I get so many compliments. They are on Amazon as well and I will have a link but right now until July 22nd I have a giveaway going on so wanted to share the link here so if you haven’t entered to win one yet, you should. Click the link below:


Jord Wooden Watch GIVEAWAY

The Self Care Change: I met this beauty on the ‘gram and she’s the best ever. She’s so committed to getting men and women from all over the place into the best shape of their lives with a nutrition and work out program.

Spoiled Milk lovers…Meet Kayla! The best thing since sliced bread!

36228791_10103061289066077_1115875307144871936_nI wanted her to explain what she does in her own words…

Kayla, how would you explain your program?

The monthly accountability groups I run are a “safe place” for those to work on their goals with others virtually. We share successes, struggles, recipes, tips, and motivation to each other. I feel it can be hard to find supportive people on your wellness journey. These are more than just “groups” – we are FAMILY. Many of us haven’t even met, yet we still show up and provide encouragement towards everyone.

 My clients receive yearlong access to my virtual gym library equipped with over 700 workouts (new programs added each year) and meal plans laid out for each program. I call it the “Netflix of Workouts”! You like Yoga? Great, there’s a program or two for that. You love cardio? Perfect, I have several solutions for you! Enjoy weight lifting? No problem, there is plenty of options for that as well!

 These groups are great for anyone! The workouts can be streamed from anywhere so you don’t have to limit yourself to your home. Take them outside, to the gym, the beach, wherever! I find that those who lack support in their lives benefit from them the most.

Before anyone enrolls in the group I always like to chat about their goals and what they wish to accomplish. This helps me know what programs to suggest and what areas of support I need to focus on them individually.

if this sounds like something you’ve been looking to get into, contact Kayla! There’s sooo many coaches out there all over the internet and I’m sure they’re great…BUT Spoiled Milk lovers deserve the BEST and here she is! Plus, I’d like some accountability buddies with me because…uhhh… help!

 Contact info:

Email: kaylasykes625@gmail.com

Instagram: @twinmamafitness

Facebook: Kayla Sykes

Facebook Page: Twin Mama Fitness

And now because of my super sweet Amazon shop, you can check out all my favorite buys for yourself, baby or gifting! Everything on there is all my favorite things for home, mom and baby. ANNNNDDDD… I just added THIRTY items that are under $50 that I thought were must buys. List includes summer fashion staples (including swimwear and cover ups) and the gifting ideas I’ve been telling my Insta-buddies. Gifts for summer camp leaders, new home owners, engaged friends, new mamas and more!

Feel free to tell me if theres other stuff you’d like to see coming up for July. Remember guys, it’s so important if you like what you see to purchase through the link otherwise, there will be no Spoiled Milk Shop up to share anything with you all! I hope you love the stuff. Tag me on your social media pages of the goodies you get! I’ll keep an ear open for  big sale leaks for prime day. But, six days friends. July 16th starting at 3pm! Click the link below to shop:

Spoiled Milk Store on Amazon

Happy shopping everyone!

Find joy in all of your journey,


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