Our Neutral Nursery (for him or her)

IMG_2822 2This one is for the expecting mamas and daddy’s…I haven’t forgotten about you guys too! Are you like me and you’re having a really hard time picking out a nursery for your baby?

First, I wanted a neutral colored nursery because I didn’t want to know the gender of my baby. But sometimes we have to compromise so I caved for my husband who had to know!

IMG_2822 3

Yes, He could have found out and not me but that would have killed me if he knew and I didn’t. I know it’s kind of weird but I just couldn’t do that.

Anyways, after I found out I was having a baby boy you’d think that I could then decorate my nursery in all boyish things.


Well, three reasons why I didn’t.

  1. There wasn’t a “theme” I was really attached to. Nothing was really popping out to me to commit to for my baby’s sanctuary.
  2. I didn’t know this little munchkin yet. I wanted to know his personality as it grew and what he liked before I went crazy with decorating a room.
  3. The room in our house for the nursery is the perfect nursery so I thought if I, God willingly, have more children then I would use the same nursery for each child and then could just switch up accent colors or little decoration pieces to fit for each child.

The solution: make a gender neutral nursery.


Everything in his room does have special meaning to me.

His warm white walls and stark white wall were chosen because I wanted a clean, angelic, bright room and I chose to do a grey accent wall (last minute) because it just needed something. Once I did that, I felt much better.

His crib & furniture were picked because again, I wanted it simple that would not be “trending” right now for future nurseries to hopefully come one day.


My mom kept telling me I needed a changing table but I didn’t think so, she ended up being right. I do use it and all of the dresser space inside of it.


I love you forever is my favorite children’s book and always has been so you see the words to this classic in a lot of different places. The rest of saying on the wall were just messages to my baby that I always want him to remember and the love between us.


The simple man sign was a gift I made for my husband’s “first” father’s day when I was pregnant. This song holds special meaning in his heart remembering his late mother and loved the message from parent to their child.


My cousin gave me the most touching gift for my baby shower, the colorful wall art that her mom (who sadly passed away five months before my son was born) for her kids. It hung on all three of her sons walls and now, is on my sons. It brought some color and love into his nursery.


Somehow, after he was born, unintentionally we got in a thing with elephants. We didn’t even mean to but he got cute elephant gifts and it kinda just went together.


As my little man gets older and eventually goes in a big boy room, he and I will discover his favorite things and colors and we can make him a room he loves.


If/when another child comes in this room, it will be so easy to switch things up easy with accent pieces and colors.


I really do love his nursery and he does too. It’s always a happy, relaxed, and comfortable place for us to be in.


What do you think about this gender neutral nursery?

If you like it or like the signs I got made for my little one then guess what? The wonderful women who made these awesome signs for my nursery is honoring a discount code for the Spoiled Milk Club! If you are interested in this type of home decor or baby room signs, email me at SpoiledMilkClub@gmail.com or comment in the comments section below.

Other room details:

Love this 8 cube organizer. It can be used either way and It mounts to wall, super durable, many colors, and easy to assemble.

I was pretty basic with my crib because I don’t even have a crazy expensive bed so why would I have my BABY who’s going to be in it for a couple years have some crazy crib… this does the job.

Find Joy in all of your journey,



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