Spring Declutter Challenge

Spring is here! Spring is here!

Where’s all my friends who need a little Spring inspiration and motivation?

My (love/hate) must do in the beginning of spring is the Spring Declutter.

No one ever WANTS to do it but it must be done, right?

I am over all a pretty neat person in my living spaces but let’s be real, we all have parts of our home that just become our “messy” spots or the areas that we just shut the door and put it off. I don’t want anywhere in my house to be like that anymore so I am taking control over the situation and getting the job done.

Lucky for you, I am the queen of decluttering and reorganizing to keep a more clean, tidy, enjoyable home to be in. I am even more motivated to get mine started now that I spend so much more time at home. I am starting my declutter and want you to do it with me!

If you’re interested in the Spring Declutter Challenge with me, all you have to do is

  1. Send me an email at Spoiledmilkclub@gmail.com with “Spring Declutter” in the subject field.
  2. I will have you fill out a super easy questionaire form so we can come up with a plan together.
  3. I will come up with a schedule for how and when to tackle your projects with the least amount of pain and in a timely fashion.
  4. We will take pictures of our projects before and after.
  5. We will be ready for a happy and fresh spring season!
  6.  I am sending home gifts to my top 3 Spring Declutter participants based off the photos.

This is something you can do alone without help from anyone else, it will be a super easy schedule sent to you custom to what you need. And I will share mine with you as well.

You may need a couple purchases if you need organizers etc. but I’ll send you options that don’t break the bank.

Are you ready?

I’m looking forward to having a little fun while we get the job done.

Find joy in all of your journey,



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