31 defining life lessons learned in 31 years

  1. You cannot change people. Stop trying.
  2. You are who you are, so own it.
  3. With that said, if there’s an area in your life you can improve, do it.
  4. It’s never too late to start again.
  5. The faster you face a problem, the faster it’s over.
  6. The first person you have to take care of is yourself. You cannot take care of anyone else if you’re not right with yourself.
  7. No one will love you more than your parents. They may be imperfect but they’re your only ones & love you (with your imperfections too); cut them some slack.
  8. No one will ever tell you the truth more than your parent either; if you wanna know the truth with the best intentions, ask them.
  9. Time is one things that you cannot get back. Be present where you’re at.
  10. Speaking of time, be on time it shows the respect you have for others.
  11. Let things go that didn’t work out and then thank God for the things that didn’t happen. There was a reason.
  12. Try, try, try…and try again.
  13. Sometimes telling the truth isn’t the easy thing to do but it’s always the right thing to do. You’ll sleep better too.
  14. You don’t die with your money (and it can’t buy happiness) so don’t live for it.
  15. I read a quote, “go the extra mile, it’s less crowded there”. It’s true.
  16. Everyone’s trying to be something they’re not, be yourself. You’ll stand out.
  17. Insecurities are too hard to live with, accept your flaws and they’ll turn into beauty.
  18. It’s better to have a few close people around you than a posse of people who don’t really care about you.
  19. Some of the best relationships you have in your life are with people you’d never expect. Befriend people who are different than you.
  20. Have time by yourself. It’s therapeutic.
  21. Follow your gut instinct. It’s usually right.
  22. Be nice. Even when it sucks. Just do it.
  23. With that said, don’t disrespect yourself. If someone brings negativity into your life. Cut the relationship. If you can’t cut it, take step back and always be cordial.
  24. Listen to your body. Rest when it needs rest. Drink water. Eat colorful food. Move it.
  25. You are 100% responsible for your own life.
  26. It’s not your problem why someone doesn’t like you. It’s theirs.
  27. Traveling to new places is good for your soul. Go.
  28. Make time to talk to God every single day. It will be your best conversation all day. It will change your life.
  29. Your health is one thing you cannot take for granted and money can’t buy it; go to the damn doctor. Regularly.
  30. You’re irreplaceable. Love yourself.
  31. Live simply; it’s more fulfilling.

Sometimes in day to day life we feel like we are on the struggle bus or maybe always failing at life. Jotting down the number of things you’ve learned in the number of years you’ve lived is powerful. It makes you realize you’re far from struggling and puts perspective on the lessons of living that we didn’t even know we have figured out with strength and learning.

What are some of some of the things that brought you to place of more peace in your life? I recommend making your own list.

Find joy in all of your journey,




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