Leanne’s Gift Guide (For Him)

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This Gift Guide is for the men in our lives. There’s something for any guy no matter what what kind of guy he is.

Let me tell you, I have a lot of men in my family and they are all soooo different. I have the fashion men, the work horse, sporty guy, artsy dude and everything in between so I’ve really got mens shopping down.

It became more challenging when I met my husband, I must say. He’s a sports enthusiast but really just to watch sports-not one for jerseys, memorabilia, etc. He isn’t into labels or fashion, he’s not a DIY guy and I can’t really think of  a “hobby” he has. It’s become quite the art shopping for him. That’s why I can assure that you can find something for any kinda guy on this list! Pete approved.

Everyone on IG had the same Q when I put up a Q&A about this. You all challenged me to finding gifts that weren’t sports stuff and cologne. Challenge accepted!


Ugg Ascot Slippers

you all already know (lol), me and my love for Ugg! They make me so happy, I thought I’d finally let my husband in on this secret to at home happiness too. These comfy slippers will be sure to keep your man warm and cozy around the house hangin’ out.


Ugg Hendren TL Waterproof Zip Boot

Promise I’m not sponsored by UGG-it’s just true love. These bad boys are a little more pricey but they are a bang for their buck. My husband does not care about brands, labels, price etc. but he does care about simplicity. He wants comfort, warmth and longevity when it comes to boots. He has gotten these for at least 3 years in a row! Obsessed! Their easy to put on, no lacing up, no wet socks, waterproof and warm. These are not just outdoor boots either. They’re light enough to wear all day in doors. Best part- No slipping.


Bose Soundlink Micro Bluetooth Speaker Ok, Bose is the boss of sound. Blue tooth is a must. Good things come in small packages. Enough said, add this to your cart right now. Perfect for in the office, garage or the traveler.


Nordstrom Men’s Shop Flannel Pajama Pants Who doesn’t love a good pair of pajama pants for christmas? For men, I don’t know that you necessarily need a set because… do they ever wear it together? My husband would intentionally not wear it together just because. Under $40, super warm… these are SOLD.


Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II  For my big spenders! Crazy sound, no back round noise. Put these awesome headphones mean no disturbance. These will have you only hearing what you want to hear blocking everything else out. Can’t go wrong with this gift for any man on your list.


Patagonia Nano Puff Vest

It’s not bulky, it’s warm…it’s NOT a jacket and it’s totally in style. Yes please!


Movado Connect Silicone & Leather Strap Smart Watch I’m. Into. It. Everyone is all about the Apple Watch which is great and all but if you have a guy who loves fashion  or has a job that they dress up every day, this is a great smart watch that looks sleek too. This probably doesn’t have ALL the bells and whistles that an Apple Watch has but this is a good alternative. There’s another one I like quite a bit that’s not so expensive. See below.


Fossil Smart Watch  This smart watch made by fossil is such a great purchase. It has so many features and it looks great too. It’s a nice watch for every day and the price point isn’t terrible for a great time piece.


Cathy’s Concept Tipsy Whiskey 5-pieve Decanter Set  New Home Owner? The entertainer?  The cocktail connoisseur. Bottoms up!


Escort Max 360 This expensive gift is for the adrenaline junkie with a heavy foot! My sister in law introduced me to this life saver and it really is the best in the business. Sure you can find cheaper ones (which I don’t know anything about so that’s why I can’t plug here) but there’s something really sweet about this one. If you get a radar or laser speeding ticket, they’ll pay for it (read terms and conditions)! So yes, this is pricey but so are speeding tickets. If your guy is a speedy one, get him this! **This does not mean that I am ok with speeding, fyi. Safety first**


Philips Smoke-less Indoor Grill Ladies, this could kind of become a gift for yourself too. I mean, he’s got to cook for somebody, right? How cool is this? And if Oprah puts her stamp of approval on it, well it’s got to be the best-right? What a gift.


Courant Wireless Charging Station We always have a charging problem at our house, lol.  And this one is a wireless charging dock. Set your phone on it and it’s charging! How cool is that? The other side of it is just to keep everything together. Walk in the house, set your phone to charge, put your keys, wallet, etc. next to it in that “dish”.


Ring Video Doorbell 2  We just love our Ring video doorbell and it’s such a great gift for a special guy in your life. This device is no instillation, you can watch it from your phone, get updates from other people around you in your area for safety alerts, it takes photos/video of who’s at your door and you can even talk to them through the door. You can also set it to a further view than just your door. Such a great buy.


Carhartt Legacy Tool Roll  How cool is this Carhartt tool roll? Keep all his tools together and organized. Easy to load up in the car or on the go. If I had a tool set, I feel like I’d want this!


Thule Crossover Laptop Back pack This back pack is big, stylish, has a separate space for a lap top or tablet. I’d say this is my top pick for someone looking for an all purpose back pack.


Express Slim Black Stretch Jeans Dress them up, dress them down. Express jeans in general are made very well. These black stretch jeans are perfect for every day or dressing them up for a night on the town. If your guys wardrobe is just a lot of denim, get him pair of these.


Yeti 30oz Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler Because if he doesn’t have one, he really should. Go right to this link and check out.

Alright, ladies and gents… shop away for your favorite men in your life. I hope these ideas helped. Don’t forget to send me pics of your buys, tag me, hashtag #leannesgiftguide-get to me some how because I wanna see!!! And, please remember to use the red clickable links!

Happy shopping!

Find joy in all of your journey

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