4-6 month Baby Talk (& product must haves)

The girl who thought she wouldn’t enjoy the newborn stage can’t believe that it’s over. I LOVED every second of my baby boy being a little teeny tiny infant and I thought those words would never come out of my mouth. Pre-baby I just wasn’t a “baby” person. I enjoyed babies more when they got a little personality and could interact with you. I thought it would be so boring sitting at home with a baby who did nothing! Now, after having my own, my mind completely changed and I thoroughly enjoyed those all day and night baby snuggles and time to really bond.

Now, my little Pano is five months old, he’s more active and likes to see everything around him. That means, less time snuggling with mommy. But, seeing him change, learn, and grow every day is also super fun and exciting. Every new stage we’ve entered, I have really loved and will continue to because…how could you not?


It’s coming to that time that Pano is going to need to get into his crib. Our pediatrician suggested waiting until 6 months to go in his crib. My husband and I have talked about starting this a little sooner because a few reasons but mainly because of my son’s current curiosity and need to stay at the party, lol. We feel like he’s a little distracted in our room with us and wants to stay up with us. To be on a healthy routine of a more strict bed time and good sleep, we feel like it’s time he goes into his nursery a little earlier.

I don’t know how parents do it! How will I sleep? I am going to be so nervous when he’s not right by my side where I can peak in on him all night. For about the past week, my husband asks me every day, “ok, so tonight he’s going in his crib” and every day, I tell him, “maybe tomorrow” and I have every reason and excuse not to do it. I know I’m going to be the one losing sleep and running back and forth when he’s crying.  I know everyone does it, it can be done. Wish me luck!

Oh yeah, and my baby love is going BACKWARDS and he’s sleeping worse than he ever has due to a little milestone called TEETHING. I feel so bad for my poor little angel and I can’t wait until those two bottom teeth break through. They’re SOOOO close! Anyone have a secret remedy for this besides the gels and teethers? Please share if so!

If anyone has any good strategies or tips for me on anything sleeping or bedtime routine, send them my way!


(I am not a doctor or recommend doing anything without consulting with your pediatrician first. This is just what we do and approved and/or recommended by our pediatrician for our son specifically.)

As I’ve mentioned 100 times, I am the crazy lady reading everything baby since the day I found out I was pregnant. Before he came, I read a lot about different views on feeding. I knew I wanted to start Pano on solids at four months and really hoped my doctor would agree, which he did. He explained to me that he only wanted me starting him on vegetable purees because he didn’t find it necessary for him to be introduced to sugar or carbohydrates so young. After he explained his thoughts on the nation wide problem with sugar addiction and obesity, I completely agreed with him that we should start on vegetable purees only. He also recommended to me that we put a dab of peanut butter in with his food, twice a week to introduce him to avoid a peanut allergy.

I have the time to steam and puree my baby’s food so that’s what I do. I think everyone forgets that just because a bottle or jar says organic on it, it doesn’t mean it’s true or the healthiest option. I know that not everyone has the desire to make their baby’s food, and nothing is wrong with that. But remember if you are buying organic, read your labels. You always want to buy USDA approved organic and what says 100% organic. Otherwise, it’s real easy to just stamp the word organic on everything and all that could mean is that it’s not sprayed with pesticides when growing. That doesn’t mean there’s not synthetic additives etc.

It always bothers me wondering how it’s so natural and pure but can sit on a shelf in a store forever.

Besides wanting to make my baby’s food because I know I’m getting in season fresh vegetables and their maximum nutritional value, I also save a lot of money by making his food. One example, the 4 oz. jar of “organic” store bought baby food cost the same amount as a 2 lb. bag of carrots that made meals for the whole month.

There’s things I’m ok with for splurging on and jarred food isn’t one of them when the ONLY benefit is convenience. And it’s really not that inconvenient to make it. It takes me about a half hour, start to finish and then I store the food and each night before bed, put in one of the frozen containers into the refrigerator to thaw out. I will put everything I use in the products below.

What do some of you guys do for feeding? Did you wait til six months to introduce your baby to food? What are some of your baby’s favorite foods to start with? Anything about introducing foods to the littles, feel free to share with me!

And now, to the good stuff…

4-6 Month Must Haves

Some of these are must haves for babies older than 4-6 months but they’re just getting into use for us now once he got out of the 0-3 month baby essentials.

1.SKIP HOP EXPLORE AND MORE-so, I have this and Pano loves it. It entertains him and keeps him up and off his head for a while a lot happier than tummy time. It’s 3 stages (turns into table), peaking window to see feet, food support platform can be moved higher or lower, seat swivels 360, bounces, Phthalate-free, easy cleaning and loop holes for toys. Your baby will love this! Really any activity gym but this is what I have and love.

Some people are always trying to keep up with the latest and greatest, if that’s you then skip hop also just came out with another one that is slightly different. One thing that I think is awesome about this one is that it tracks jumping and applauds baby at 100 jumps. BEST thing is, it folds up and can be hidden easily. I don’t have this one so I can’t say which is better in my opinion but I bet you can’t go wrong with either one of them.

2. BABY COOK PLUS-This is what I use to steam and puree all of Pano’s vegetables. It Steams, cooks, blends, reheats anything in 15 minutes. It’s Dishwasher safe, BPA, lead, and phthalate free. It’s not bulky, easy to hide, and if it must stay out, it’s not an unattractive kitchen aid that’s out. It’s a little on the expensive side but if you’re having a baby shower or you’re going to have more babies in the future, that’s justifiable, right?

3. OXO TOT BABY FOOD FREEZER-You’ll see so many different fancy variations of everything in the baby market but let’s be real, this is just to store baby food so I personally use these trays and after I’m done making Pano’s food, I pour it into this, and pop a cube out each night to thaw out for the next day. These are not expensive, BPA/PVC Free, freezer Safe, and dishwasher safe.

4. Teethers- Oh, thank Heavens for teethers! So many variations of what you can get but Pano personally likes both of these ones and I like that they’re both organic, natural, and healthy products for their mouth.

5.Lollipop-I wasn’t really sure that I wanted a camera or not for the nursery. I tried to keep my nursery as simple as possible avoiding as much wifi and radiation as possible in his room but you can’t get rid of all of it when your whole house has wifi. So, I ended up caving and getting a baby monitor. I originally had a Motorola one and hated it. So, I looked at so many different ones, didn’t want anything too crazy or super expensive and I ended up finding the lollipop and I LOVE it. It’s so cute, easy to move around, you can set it on a table, hang it on the wall, or wrap it around anything. I could bring it with me anywhere easily. I watch the camera off of my phone and I could add as many phones as I wanted to see. The cry detector is my favorite feature. I love that I can screen shot pictures of him, record him, press a button on my phone and talk to him from where ever, play music for him off my phone, and it records him when he’s been ignored crying which I love. It shows me what times he was up crying and for how long. Can’t say enough about it.

6. Infantino Bath Squirt Toys-I’d say right now, Pano’s favorite thing to do is take a bath with his mama! He loves when I show him all of the different animals and squirt him with them. It’s not easy making him laugh but this is for sure way that I can make him smile and laugh. He couldn’t even give me his classic poker face if he wanted to. These make “tubby time” a good time for him and makes my heart happy to hear those giggles.

7. JJ COLE BUNDLE ME CAR SEAT COVER-The cover I have is no longer available for purchase and I do not have this exact car seat cover but this one was my next choice. In cold temperatures like Chicago’s winters, this is a necessity! Pano is always so cold and we are always running around so these are a life saver. I’ve heard nothing but great things about this specific one.

8. PHIL & TED’S LOBSTER HIGH CHAIR-I love this this easy to use (and hide), light weight, traveling high chair. I can’t even handle all the baby stuff everywhere as everyone and their mama knows because I say it 10x a day….sooooo, this awesome claw clipping high chair is just clipped to my counter top, and can be put away easy. I can take it with me to restaurants and clip it on tables, to my parents house, where ever. It just goes in a little bag and I don’t have to worry about taking my little guy somewhere where there’s not a high chair or the germs all over them!

9. 3 Sprout Play Mat Bag-This I love. This “little bag” unfolds into a 44″ play mat that is sturdy and child safe with no strings. It’s great for taking places to set the baby down on the floor and play with their toys. I use it at home every single day! I want to be able to get ready every day so I can move this from room to room and my baby can be entertained. I can also get it out of the way easily with one quick fold and all his toys are gone and my husband doesn’t have to come home to a mess.

10. HALO Sleep Sack-Cold months…no blankets. No problem. Sleep sack keeps my baby bundled up and he is a little bit restricted but can still move his hips and legs too. I’ve tried different brands and some of them have zippers that are junky or the fabric is cheap. Halo’s are really soft, wash nice, and the zippers are durable with a cover flap at the top. He’s going to wear these til he’s 18, lol.

Let me know what you guys think of my list of favorite baby products. Do you have any of these? Or if you click on these links and get them, let me know what you think after you try them out! If there’s something I didn’t mention that you think should have been on the must haves list, send me a message. The post I did for 0-3 month must haves I got some suggestions, got the items and loved them!

May you find joy in all of your journey,

Leanne, Spoiled Milk Club

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    1. You won’t be disappointed. The ONLY thing It’s missing is a zoom feature but if you have your monitor right by the crib or on it, then you don’t really need it.
      I’m not a person who moves the monitor where ever the baby is so it works for me.

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