The Dedicated Dads

Dads are the jam! There’s no man cooler than the dedicated, hands on dad doin’ his thing.

Forever and ever, it was a stereo type or some sort of old school expectation that care taking was the mother’s job and the dad went out and worked to provide for the family.

I think this slowly shifted over the years because women have become equally or sometimes more powerful than men in the career world, so it was only fair for men to have to step up and help with house hold duties if their wife was also contributing financially.

Now, the dedication dads bring to the table isn’t even just about equality with work or help at home but truly just because they are enjoying their families with no explanation needed.

More and more, you see dad’s rockin’ dad life like a boss and most of them all while providing still too. They’re hands on with their children more than ever before and it’s so refreshing to see.

This is the new norm. Not only is it normal, it’s celebrated.

The dedicated dads have made being a good dad become a really cool thing. No more bragging about not changing diapers or doing car pool. To not be hands on with your child does not make you sound like the tough guy or the the macho man. It just makes people sad for you because you’re missing really special moments and creating a close bond with your child.

Your child’s milestones only come once. Their childhood cannot be repeated. You can’t ever get it back no matter how successful you are. Dads shouldn’t miss this special time.

So they decided not to.

I love it.

To all the dads who went to all the pregnancy appointments, held your wife’s hand through her fears during labor and delivery, and took pride in taking care of your new born baby; you rock.

The dads who do bunny ears shoe laces, lopsided pony tails and make Mickey Mouse pancakes in the morning; you’re the bomb.

The dads who coach the teams, read the books, play make believe, and teach adding and subtracting; you’re amazing.

The dads who magically fix boo boo’s, dress up, sing lullabies (off tune is still good), and chase bedtime monster away; you’re irreplaceable.

The dads who do school drop offs, carpool, and scare your daughter into believing you that boys have cooties; you’re admired.

The dads who put worms on the hook, pick out the onions, cut off the crust on sandwiches; you’re the best.

The dad who signs the cast of the broken arm, fixes broken hearts, and knows all their kids friends; you’re #1.

The dad who knows their children’s favorite song, color, movie… even when they change regularly; you’re a good man.

The dad that puts the rest of life’s stresses and struggles to the side as much as he can when he walks in the doors of his home so his family feels worry free; you’re strong.

The dad that puts his lap top and cell phone away even if it’s for an hour to have real quality time with his kids every day; you’re getting something bigger than a business deal.

To the dad who does so much more than this list, you’re not overlooked. You’re not unappreciated. You’re the best dad in the world and we applaud you for being so hands on. You’re giving your children the most special memories with you. It doesn’t matter how good or bad you do something with them/for them, it matters that you’re doing it.

In the big picture, you’re teaching your daughters qualities for a partner of her own one day and you’re teaching your sons to be a good father when he becomes one himself.

You’re getting something worth more than any amount of money could buy. You’re getting to know your children who grow and change every day and raise them first hand. No one will ever have to tell you about your own kid. You know every mark, every habit, every facial expression, you know what each of their laughs and cries mean. You know when something is wrong even when they deny it.

They know that their dad loves them, they will always feel safe talking to you, comfortable being with you, and always go the extra mile to make you proud.

There’s some things that change over years that you wish would go back to the way things were in past. This is not one of those things. You’ve repaved the way for the future of fatherhood.

Dedicated dads, you’ve outdone yourselves! Mommy’s around the world celebrate the way you’ve changed the fatherhood game and your children will thank you too.

May you find joy in all of your journey,

Leanne, Spoiled Milk

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