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Making your baby registry is overwhelming! There’s so much to choose from it could make your head spin. And don’t even get me started on the check list of what you need for your baby registry. I was some what aware of what I needed and didn’t need but even so, I still over registered. I wanted to keep the registry minimal because I don’t like “stuff” or clutter. There was still a lot of things I got that were not so necessary but being a new mom, I had no idea.

But I will say, these 10 items have been my MUST HAVE products and I use them all the time to make life a little more easy for me and baby! I could be a spokes person for these items, I’m that obsessed (lol). But really.

I inserted a clickable link to buy straight from amazon, a lot of the prices went down too! If you have Amazon prime, these could be at your door in a day! Keep in mind, amazon does have baby registry as well.

Friends and family of expecting mamas, you will be gifting the best gift ever if you pick of one of these out for your pregnant friend even if she isn’t registered for them!

The products are not listed in any order.

1. The Boppy Lux Lounger is seriously the holy grail of baby items if you ask me because it’s so convenient, light, and cozy for your newborn. Every baby mama that walked into my house and saw it had to get one for themselves. I highly recommend getting this if you don’t have one. Best part is, it’s not expensive at all. The info says up to 16 lb baby but my little guy is about that and he’s in it just fine. This will be your life saver, promise. I show the Luxe version of the boppy lounger, I have the regular one but from the reviews I’ve read, if I saw this one and it’s only $10 more, I’d go with the luxe. Sounds like its just a little more comfy and the material is softer.

2. The Baby Brezza is for my formula mamas. So, I didn’t even register for this because I was that girl who didn’t think breast feeding was a choice. I was totally breast feeding. No. Matter. What. lol, lol, lol. Ended up not working out after the first month and a half but that’s ok because…hallelujah, an awesome friend got me “the kureg” of baby formula. This thing is the best. It makes a perfect bottle every time. It takes almost all formulas and makes bottles up to 10 oz. in 30 seconds. No measuring, weighing, or making messes, baby brezza makes the perfect bottle every time. Another perk, easy to clean! Note: READ THE DIRECTIONS, a few people told me they didn’t like it because it wasn’t pouring the bottle consistently, really they didn’t have it set up right.

3. Snuza Hero, what would I do without you? This little piece of heaven right here gives me so much zen to drift off deep into sleep knowing my baby is ok! The first week I had my love bug home, I forgot I had it and didn’t have it on him. I think I stayed up all night staring at him making sure that he was breathing. I would still be doing that three months later if it weren’t for the Snuza Hero. It simply clips on the the baby’s diaper and monitors breathing by abdominal movement. It vibrates on the baby’s tummy after 15 seconds in hopes to rouse him or her and if 5 more seconds go by, the alarm will sound off. Some people think it’s a negative if it’s gone off for a “false alarm”, for me, I’ve had that happen a couple of times and I’m totally ok with it because I know it’s working and I’m happy to see my little one is all good.

4.Halo Bassinet is the bomb. This is perfect for the parents who want their baby in their room with them. This bassinet swivels, has a 2 setting night light, 2 levels of vibration, 3 music selections, 3 nature and womb sounds, and a nursing timer. Each features an automatic shut off after 30 minutes of use. Pretty awesome! It’s also got pouches on sides for diapers, wipes, etc. and it’s easy to clean the pad that baby sleeps on. It’s a pretty heavy base so this isn’t going to be your traveling product by no means. If your sleeping plans are a bassinet, this is the one to get!

5. Aden & Anais muslin swaddles are my go-to! I have these swaddles everywhere! When I was getting all of Pano’s baby stuff cleaned before his arrival, my mom came over and helped and said I had way too many swaddles and I needed to return some. I refused. And let me tell you what, we can never have enough of these. They were even perfect for his July birth, covering him up but not too hot. You can use them as blankets, car seat covers, swaddles, etc. I don’t think you’ll ever see us without these swaddle blankets.

6. Como Tomo bottles are my jam! These were originally purchased because as I said, I was hoping to breast feed and thought about when I would need to pump and bottle feed. Como Tomo bottles are designed for an easy transition from breast feeding to bottle feeling with the very similar feel of a mother’s breast. Even the texture of the bottle replicating a mothers skin. I recommend these even if you know you’re formula feeding straight from the beginning. Even though they’re a little pricey compared to some competitors, they have been beyond worth it for me. Como Tomo is super easy cleaning because there’s not multiple pieces to take apart and sterilize. The wide neck is made for simple, fast, cleaning. Best part, these silicone bottles are 100% safe. No BPA, no chemicals, safe for warming, etc.

7. The Nested Bean works like magic. I can’t believe how peacefully my baby sleeps when swaddled in this. It’s basically a swaddle sack swaddle like a lot of brands make. BUT this one is all about “the power of touch” and makes your baby feel the same comfort and security he/she has in your arms with lightweight placed on baby’s sides and chest like a mothers soothing touch. When I read about it, I read that it improved sleep and gave safety and comfort. I was sold. But I know a lot of products make promises they don’t keep. The Nested bean works! They also make swaddles which is aaaaa-mazing as your child grows.

8. Finn and Emma Activity Gym is the best. I love this product so much. I wouldn’t say I’m a granola mom by any means but I TRY to keep things has least toxic as possible around my baby. All the plastic toys are probably my biggest problem and I know that most toys that kids want are plastic. There was tons of activity gyms to buy and they all were so cute and lit up and had music etc. but I got a cute baby mat and then this adorable activity gym and my son is obsessed. It’s wooden, 100% organic, and eco friendly. Pano loves swatting at the little animals and before he could do that, for whatever reason, he loved laying under this and it would be one of the for sure places I could take him to calm him down during a melt down. How cute is this?

9. The 4 moms Momaroo! This is where my natural life went out the window with this bad mama-jama. The 4moms mamaroo is one of my favorite baby products. From birth until now (3 months) my baby is a happy camper when he’s swinging in his mamaroo. This insane machine has 5 different swing motion settings with different speed options. It bounces up and down and side to side just like a parent rocks their child in their arms. It has multiple different sounds and you can even play your music from your phone. A free app is included to play music or start, stop, change settings on the machine. It relines all the way back and sits up. I love this feature because my little man would have a hard time digesting his formula after eating and I noticed if I put him in his mamaroo he would be comfortable and sitting up still was good for him to digest and not worry about choking if he spit up. It’s worth every dollar. Downfall, it’s heavy so this isn’t an item that you’ll be moving around the house with you or taking on the road with you. For me, that’s not an issue so I love it. Right now 4% of sales go to Project Sweet Pea, a non-profit for helping babies in NICU.

10.Ugh, you guys…part of me died just now having to add this to my top 10 favorite baby products. I didn’t want anything to do with this. I thought it looked so ugly, tacky, cheap (sorry summer infant if you see this) but it really is the best. I originally picked out this simple, cool looking bath and it did not work quite like the images showed online. My mom, aunt, sister in law, and everyone else and their mamas told me to get this and I just didn’t want to. I finally caved after my mom so easily bathed my little one at her house and I couldn’t even take one more slippery, sliding, floppy bath I was giving him. This almost $15 product is used for me regularly and one of my top 10 products now. Sometimes things take a minute to grow to love, haha. It’s not the cutest but it really is the best. My baby is sat securely, he enjoys it, it dries quickly, and folds up gets tucked away easily. Add this to your list of must haves.

What’s your favorite baby products? Did I miss something that is a must have? Let me hear it if so. I already know one product that EVERYONE will say…

I do agree, this is a phenomenal product. The ONLY reason I didn’t add it to my top 10 is because I DO love it, but I gave it to my mom for at her house when she’s watching my baby, he does love it, it’s great. BUT, it’s not on our daily used products. If this wasn’t my first child and I didn’t have a shower where people bought me these great gifts, I probably would have gotten this for myself instead of the mamaroo because of the price difference and really, he loves it just as much but luckily, we were gifted the mamaroo and that’s why I say that.
I have heard this is a better option for some babies because its wider and more spacious than the mamaroo. If you have a bigger babe who in too tight in his mamaroo, try this.

I’ll also be blogging soon about products for 4-6 months so if anyone has any suggestions for things to look into, pass on the info.
It takes a tribe, right?

If you have any of these products or do try them out in the near future, let me know what you think.

Find joy in all of your journey,
Leanne, Spoiled Milk Club

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*All products are reviewed honestly and fairly
*No products were listed for business deals

5 thoughts on “10 Must Have Baby Products 2017-2018

  1. Como Tomo, mamaroo, the swaddle blankets, Halo bassinet are ALL on my list! Amazing products! Everyone should have them.

  2. Nosefrida for life 🙌🏽 Works unbelievely amazing for when they’re little and have nasal congestion. Aden and anais burpy bibs (with the snaps) are great for spit up & drooly babies.

    1. Good call on the nose frida even though I haven’t had to bust it out yet.
      I’ll have to check out the burp bibs!

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