Must Have Baby Registry Items (Or Gifting for an expecting mom)

This blog is written in my own opinion, always consult with your doctor what is safest and best for your child.

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Ask and you shall receive! I love that so many expecting parents have enjoyed diving right into Spoiled Milk. This blog is for my people who are shopping for a baby on the way! Whether you’re a first time parent, a parent who is expecting but it’s been a while since you’ve had to buy baby products again or your gifting for someone elses baby on the way-I have the perfect registry items for you!

Buying for a precious baby on the way is overwhelming and can be confusing as to what you actually need. I’ve shared with you all how much I drove myself crazy when I was expecting Pano. I spent so many nights looking up baby products, reading reviews, comparing and changing my mind so many times until my eyes were burning and my computers battery dying.

You can find plenty of check lists on line (like this one from The Bump) to fit your needs. This is just specific items that everyone will love!

So, let’s just jump right to it!

Leanne’s Baby Must Haves


  1. Sound Machine- MyBaby Sound Spa Pano has this one specifically but there’s so many you can choose from. It has 2 images that go on the wall like a night light, six different sound options and 15/30/45/60 min timer options. We use this for every nap and every night for bed. Pano looks forward to seeing his “feeeeshies” on the ceiling.
  2. Humidifier- BabyMoov Hygro Plus Cool Mist Humdifier is the best cool mist humidifier. We did not start with this one but I wish I did. It has 7 different color light settings to set whatever lighting you chose, easy cleaning, lets you control touch screen and so many options for humidity control. Also has the ability to infuse essential oils in the water. Whether my babe is sick or not, we love using this.
  3. Sleep Sack- Halo Swaddle Sleep Sack is great for no effort swaddling because it just Velcro’s, keeps your baby warm and ya know, “back is best”. They also offer Halo Sleep Sack for when your babe doesn’t need to be swaddled anymore but you don’t do blankets in the crib. Their regular sleep sack starts at size small (10lbs) and goes all the way up to extra large (36lbs). Pano has always slept in a sleep sack. No blankets in the crib. It’s come in handy as he’s gotten older because he tries to climb out of his crib but can’t because of the sleep sack keeping his legs inside the sack.
  4. Baby Breathing Monitor- Snuza Hero I cannot even tell you how much peace of mind this monitor gave me. I was SO paranoid about SIDS and that my son would stop breathing if I wasn’t watching him sleep but mamas gotta sleep too! The only reason I was able to get a good couple hours of sleep between feedings was because I knew he was ok. There are so many great options in this catagory but a lot of them are really expensive and do the same thing. Snuza hero clips onto the baby’s diaper and monitors their breathing by their belly. If the baby doesn’t have any movement in their abdomen area for 15 seconds, it will vibrate and kind of force the baby to wiggle and no alarm will go off. If that does not make the baby move, at 20 seconds of no movement, an alarm will go off waking parents up. There was a couple times I had a false alarm because pano was sleeping so deep and had really shallow breathes but I was ok with that because I’d rather have a false alarm than no alarm at all. Its easy to turn the alarm off without undressing the baby. No cords, no charging, long battery life. LOVED this! It was easy to throw in my bag and take with us if we traveled, etc


  1. Formula Mixer- Baby Brezza Formula Pro is the the bomb! Mamas, if you’re like me and don’t even think about formula, think again! I was so sure I was breast feeding but it just wasn’t an option for me and formula became a thing. I didn’t register for this but was still (thankfully) gifted this “Kurig for babies”. If it’s not an option for you, remember “Fed is best” and don’t beat yourself up. Back to this awesome product. You set it up for how many oz. of formula baby is having, push a button a boom! the perfect bottle poured right into your bottle. every. single. time. As baby grows, just change the setting and it’s done. Easy cleaning, doesn’t take a lot of space and works with almost every formula. GET THIS.
  2. Burp Cloths- Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs are so great because they are not just a burp cloth, they’re a bib too and it snaps together. No more burp cloth falling off your shoulder etc. And they are so soft and such great quality. 
  3. Bottles- Como Tomo Bottles these pricey bottles are the best out there. Designed for easy transition from BF to bottle. Rounded flexible top to mimic breast feeding feel, bottle feels like skin, 2 parts (top and bottle) so no taking it apart, bpa free, dishwasher safe, bacteria and scratch resistant, leak proof and shatter proof. This is the only bottle you should get!
  4. Bottle Cleaner- Dapple Natural Dish Soap was the best for a good natural product that actually great for cleaning baby dishes and bottles and not leaving filmy residue in the bottles.
  5. Bottle Drying Rack- Boon Lawn Countertop Drying Rack I swore I didn’t want anything to do with this on my counter tops pre-child but I caved. Just do it.
  6. Baby Food Maker- Beaba Baby Food Maker I LOVED this so much. One side steams food, other side blends food. In 5 minutes, you’re done making baby food for so many meal times to come. I know there’s a lot of other brands an options out there and probably great ones. Baby Brezza makes one and I’d say that’s probably another option I would try (because they’re such a creditable brand) but this is what I actually used and loved. They also make a smaller one with only one side and makes half the amount of food. Depending on space or preference, here’s the  link for the other smaller one too.
  7. Baby Food Storage- OXO Tot Baby Food Trays these are the bpa free, silicone food trays I used for early months of baby food feeding. Whip up your baby food and portion them out in the cubes, freeze and done. I’d pop a couple cubes out in the morning and they were ready for the day.
  8. Baby Food Pouches- Baby Brezza Food Pouches if you’re making your own baby food, these were so easy to clean and fill up from the bottom. Instead of buying the pouches of baby food in them for way more money, these are the best to have. I actually used WeeSprout Natures Little Squeeze but wasn’t able to find a link for you guys but this is basically the same thing. 
  9. Baby Food Plates & Utensils- EZPZ Mats suction to the table. That’s all I have to say. No throwing plates off the table. Easy clean up, safe product.
  10. Bibs- Tommee Tippee Easi Roll Up Bibs are the jam to have. Catches spills, easy cleaning and wiping down, easy to roll up and take with you!
  11. High Chair- Peg Perego Siesta is such a great high chair. My borrowed this from a family member actually because I only had the traveling high chair (listed later on) but this is good looking, easy to wipe down, can be standard table height or higher, reclines back, and easy fold up. I was so grateful to have been able to use this.

Travel System

  1. Car Seat- Nuna Pipa Lite (wait for it…)
  2. Stroller- Nuna Mixx2 (wait for it…)
  3. Travel System- Nuna Pipa Lite (Car seat) Nuna Mixx (Stroller) I was so excited when I saw that this is on sale at Nordstrom for you guys! So, this the best car seat ever and I absolutely LOVE my stroller. The two luxurious items can be purchased together for under $1,000.00 and also includes the ring adaptors and base! Ok, so why such expensive choices, you wonder. The Pipa light is the lightest car seat on the market weighing 5.3lbs. That’s a big deal. One of my favorite features was that the extended canopy that magnets all the way covering baby and breathable lift on the top. It’s a safe, great product as well. It comes with a base that is easy to install by yourself and shows three areas if the car seat is in correctly. The Stroller is easy to fold up, I was able to travel on the plane with it, it goes all the way down for baby to sleep (which means no bassinet), extended leg room, full canopy, leather handles that move higher or lower depending who’s pushing baby, car seat attaches. Baby can face you or forward which is great. Large basket under the stroller and hidden pockets. The only con I have about the stroller is there is no add ons. You want a cup holder, you buy it, you want a pouch, you buy it. Both inexpensive features so I was ok with it. No food tray but I also didn’t care about that.
  4. Base- Nuna Base I think it’s a great idea to register for a second base if you and your spouse are planning on driving baby equally. OR if you’re like me, I got one for my mom’s car because that meant babysitting and her being able to help me with rides when she did. Best. thing. ever. This great base is easy to take in and out and anyone can install it.
  5. Car Seat- Nuna Rava this is the car seat that I have for older years or if you just want to get a carseat that’s not the carrier car seat. Fits small baby and then insert comes out for growing baby. Extended leg pull out, two cup holders, great ratings. We love ours.
  6. Pack and Play- Nuna Sena Air this pricey pack and play has a changing station, mesh sides, floor mattress that pulls heat and humidity, safe breathing, easy fold up, easy to clean and can be used from infant ages higher up and lowered down. I know there’s so many more options and better prices but I love this specific one.
  7. Baby Carrier- Eddie Bauer Carrier I don’t know how this baby carrier doesn’t get more attention because I tried so many and this one is the most comfortable and the best!

Random Awesome Must Haves

  1. Lounger- Boppy Original Baby Lounger you will put this on your top three favorite things you own for ages all before rolling over begins! This thing came everywhere I went. Light, comfy and heaven sent.
  2. Nursing Pillow- Boppy Nursing Pillow for those breast feedings! Your arms will get tired. And you can also use it for tummy time.
  3. Earth Mama products for all breast feeding needs and more.
  4. Breast Pump- Spectra Breast Pump tried a couple of breast pumps when I had trouble BF and although I ended up not being able to do produce enough milk, this one was my preferred option. We spent a lot of time together for a couple months!
  5. Baby Sleep Wear- Hudson Baby Sleeper Gown I don’t think it matters what brand you get, color etc. but do yourself a favor and put your baby to bed in sleep gowns. Girls or boys. Those night changes are rough! No buttons, zippers, etc. Easy changes!
  6. Diaper Rash Cream- Triple Paste Diaper Rash Cream worked the best for my son. Did not have the gross smell of the A&D ointment either!
  7. Wipes- Aqua Water Wipes these fragrance free, chemical free wipes are the best ever. Easy clean up for diapers, hands or baby necks after feedings.
  8. Bath- Summer Infant Baby Bath Seat is normally under $15 and it is. the. best. baby. bath. seat. ever!!!!! Eye sore, but great. This one is $24 but it’s a newer version that has “warming wings” to wrap your babe up in! 
  9. High Chair- Phil & Ted’s Lobster Chair this clip to the counter or table portable high chair was so great to take where ever we needed!
  10. Play Mat-Three Sprouts Hedgehog Play Mat Bag  is such a cool play mat because there’s handles and velcro so whatever you have in it, you can just fold it up into a bag and keep moving. This was great for traveling, going to friends houses, etc. 

Ladies and gentleman, I can’t tell you enough how much I LOVE all of the products listed. You cannot go wrong. And really, if there’s products that you like that I didn’t choose, as long as you did your research and you like what you see, I’m sure it will be great.

A couple things that were helpful for me before baby came was to make sure that my fire alarm, carbon monoxide alarm were both working properly, choosing safe paint for nursery& painting nursery (the rest doesn’t have to be perfect because you will have time after baby comes), and getting clothes washed and gear put together. Make sure your hospital bag is ready a little bit early because you know, sometimes there are surprises.

If you have any further questions on items, feel free to reach out to me via email, and I’d be happy to answer questions for you as best as possible. Congratulations on the sweet baby who’s on the way!

Find joy in all of the journey


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