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So, I’d hate to admit this but I do not own one printed wedding photograph. That’s really bad, right? I just never invested in the professional photos. The first time I had any professional photos done was for my engagement pictures and then my wedding. By the time I got done with wedding, honeymoon, etc. the last thing I wanted to do was invest in  photos.

Once I had my baby, I knew I wanted professional photos done. I wanted to capture this time and hold onto them forever.  The best way to have these memories is in photographs.

I didn’t know the first thing about finding a photographer, pricing, etc.

I still thought I didn’t want to be getting them taken for pregnancy, newborn and every other milestone because I just didn’t want to invest that much financially to do so. Now, seeing how fast the time really goes by, I wish I would have done it.

The first time I got photos done for my son was right before Christmas and he was a few months old. I figured we could kill two birds with one stone and use these photos as a “birth announcement/holiday cards”.  I loved how they turned out.


I ended up so happy with my decision to get professional photos taken of my baby and our family.  I was even happier with my choice of photographer. I really did get super lucky and found our photographer online and we just clicked. She was easy to communicate with for booking, was clear on details, professional but still warm. I was Impressed by her talent but even more so, her as a person. She came into high hormones, a husband who doesn’t like taking pictures and a very crabby baby (that day). She was so kind, patient and family friendly with less than enthusiastic husband, a baby who needed a nap and a sweating mom, lol. Oh…and then we had three grandparents come into the mix!


When I wanted to write this blog I called over to my family photographer, Tiffany Chiappetta for some advice what to look for in a family photographer and here’s the advice she shared with me:

Finding your family photographer

  1. When choosing a photographer gather a list of referrals from family and friends.
  2. Check out photographers websites and social media accounts to review their images.
  3. See if their work reflects what you’re looking for in editing style and posing.
  4. Choose a photographer who best fits YOUR style.

And then as a customer, I will add in how well they work with you and how you feel around them because let’s be real, having someone take pictures of you can feel weird and uncomfortable. She felt like someone we always knew and it felt natural to have her in our home capturing these moments.

TCP BW-63(Poor Tiffany even had to try to get two babies and a toddler to all cooperate for photos. Sweet Ava in the middle was working real hard to keep two crawlers near her. It was really entertaining.)

Questions to ask

Once you have narrowed down your choices, reach out via phone or email to see what sessions include but learn about what to expect from booking a session.
  • How to book
  • Session locations
  • What to wear
  • When will I get my photos
  • How will I get my photos, etc
Photography should be an experience and also an investment to document the milestones of life. -Tiffany
My son just turned one years old (insert a crying mom here) and Tiffany created this super cool shoot. She came up with the location, style (she even went out shopping for the perfect look for him, how sweet) and came up with the whole vibe we were going with. I LOVED her ideas and they were so different than anything I would have done.
My always chill baby happens to be in rare form every time Tiffany is hanging with him (don’t take it personal, Tiffany!) I’m thinking maybe he’s like his dad and just doesn’t like picture day,  ha! Either way, she is always so great working with him and some how came up with these gems. I cannot even tell you how difficult he was so I have no idea how she got anything. I thought she was going to call me and just say, “Sorry! I Got nothing!”
If you live in the Chicagoland area and you’re looking for a family photographer, wedding photographer or any other occasion, I highly recommend Tiffany Chiappetta Photography. She’s always offering really creative and beautiful mini sessions that she updates the event info on her social media pages and mailers.


Tiffany Chiappetta Photography is a family portrait and wedding photographer located in Gurnee, IL but happy to offer photography services all over Lake County (IL), Cook County (IL) and Kenosha, WI

Tiffany is a mom herself and understands the importance of documenting each milestone in life. Tiffany thrives to capture all the love and chaos in each session! Tiffany offers lifestyle photography.

Contact info:

Call (847) 732-9318

Tiffany Chiappetta Photography Website

If you haven’t invested in family photography, you won’t regret it. Hold onto your special years with your family forever.

Find joy in all of your journey


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